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#NEW AGE = #P.C. (Post Corona)

…we stopped living in the year 2020 A.D. (ANNO DOMINI) and

STARTED living in the YEAR 1 #P.C. (POST CORONA)?

Yes, you read me correctly! A New Age!

There is so much talking, philosophising, and posting on social media going on about changing the world for the better, seeing the great chance to make a real difference. Now that we have reached a new awareness of our fragility, now that we can conceive and clearly grasp the notion of how we are all part of nature and of earth‘s cycles and powers, let us begin a NEW AGE!

The lizard…

Travelling towards the Sunny Side of Life again?

I am preparing for a journey of a few weeks away from home. I have been engaged in packing my stuff for at least the same amount of time.

The prospect of getting out of this coronavirus rut, and for such a length of time — four weeks — has become very exciting at this point.

What’s so exciting about the fact that I am “going away” is that … I am going away! It has sadly become something so incredibly special to actually still doubt whether it is really going to happen.

My journey will start on Wednesday, 25…


…it didn’t turn out very well.

I lost my baby, actually. I do not wish to go into detail about it at this point. Suffice it to say that after the event I was in need of psychological help, but I did not receive any, and I voluntarily took antidepressants, because I did not receive any psychological support to help me cope with it.

The first few times I had to trust a doctor was — inadvertently so — when I was a baby myself. Please do take a look at the picture heading this article, it is an extract…

When I was a child, the idea of breaking a limb had intrigued me so much that it came true eventually. I had to learn a lesson the hard way. Literally so, because it was a very hard fall indeed.

5 Erroneous Thoughts on Breaking a Limb

I had been thinking about the notion that it is possible to break a limb for quite some time before it actually happened. First, I fancied the idea of a broken leg. Probably, because people who had a broken leg seemed to get a whole lot of sympathy — and many visitors writing their signatures on the plaster cast.


“Wasn’t there only three of us?” — “Why don’t you just shut up?” (Courtesy of an unknown artist on Whatsapp.)

If you have read my very first post, then you will know that I am not just assuming that we are living in a new year 2021, but in a completely new ERA. I call this era #P.C. — Post Corona.

Coronavirus has put a crown on all of our heads, which means we have been gifted a vision of how we can finally turn around from the destructible path we had been on. To me, the “crown” sheds a divine light on this world, empowering all people and things in it to improve, and thus follow a sustainable path.

Can YOU read this and tell me what it means, please? I would appreciate it to be let in on this code!

Conoces a los Masones?

Sorry, I must apologize straight after typing the title. I made my first spelling mistake after a total amount of five words - that is quite an achievement, wouldn’t you say?

If I aim to be a proper, good writer, then writing the above fifth word in question the way I did is not acceptable. Of course not, it is a breach of code of spelling in the English language that reveals a series of possible reasons to the trained eye.

“No big deal, really!”, someone might want to reassure me. However, this would depend on…

We are All Troubled Individuals, so Let’s Unite — on the Couch!

I would like to be perfectly honest about the fact that I do not have a clue about what it is like to live in the U.S., to be a white U.S. citizen, to be a minority U.S. citizen, or to be anybody else but who I actually am — ME!

It makes perfect sense when one considers that being ME, as a matter of fact, means that I have spent my whole life living in Europe being a true European. One individual who has lived in three…

Do YOU know the game “Who is afraid of the black man?”

We used to play it in primary school, and it goes like this: One kid is chosen to be the black man and is placed at one end of the gym. All the other kids remain at the far end of it. The game starts with one person, usually the teacher, calling out “Who is afraid of the black man?” Now the group of kids will answer the call by shouting out loudly: “No-one, no-one!”

Then the kid chosen as black man will start running towards the other kids at the other side of the gym and the group will…

Adam and Eve persisted in the first ever human error, now that did not turn out well for them!

I have not been part of the Medium community for long, but I have learned to appreciate the fact that the voices of people like “you and I” can be heard and followed here, as well as those of famous and widely influential people. I enjoy listening and learning, and staying open-minded. Instead of making up my mind about important things in life too quickly, I try to take in reasonable factors beside my own fancies, and I keep shaping my opinion in a rather flexible fashion. …

Rid yourself of what you do not like!

The changes I am making to my own life in the New Age #P.C. (Post Corona) are manifold. Seizing the chance to implement what I feel is necessary in order to turn the current crisis into something positive, inevitably means decluttering my world and simplifying what had become an ever-growing swamp of useless STUFF. Things from the past, gadgets, gifts, technical and non-technical equipment, as well as purchases driven by impulse — or possibly compulsion? The latter, above all, are the ones which have triggered a high-pitched inner voice screaming at me repeatedly from within: “Get rid of it!”


Sue Tewes

English — German — Spanish language trainer; wife, mum, cat-owner, horse-lover, founder of my very own NEW AGE #P.C. (Post Corona)

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